Thursday, March 30, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday Blakely!

Mom of the year I know, her birthday was 2 days ago, but I wanted to do a little shout out before I do here whole 2 year update with all the stats. We are heading to the Dr. today so I will get all that information soon! I can't believe Blakely is already 2! She is such a wild woman who is sassy, will yell at you at the drop of a hat, but is so funny and snuggly with her mommy 2 seconds later too. She is full of personality. Some of my favorite things she says wrong are Badoons instead of balloons and she says Bonk ya dean instead of Bonk your bean. When she wants you to do something she will get a deep voice and say hey Mommy get that for me. I guess she hears my voice change when I am being stern. She loves her sissy, but also loves teasing her big sissy. She will stick out a toy and say here you go Sissy, and when Delainey goes to grab it, she runs the opposite direction laughing. She hates to say sorry which was 100% me as a kid. She would rather run from you, get a spanking or sit in timeout before she says sorry. She is totally going to give me a run for my money when she is a teenager. But then after timeout she will hear the buzzer go off and run to me as fast as she can hug me and give me a kiss and say i love you mommy. So I definitely get the best of both worlds with this girl. She loves to be rocked to bed still and will say Mommy rock you every night at bed time.

We had a great day yesterday celebrating Blakely at Chuck E Cheese with all her cousins and then having her birthday party with the whole family on Saturday. Here are some pics from Chuck E Cheese. I will do another birthday party post soon since I have so many pics!

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