Friday, March 31, 2017


So I've got nothing for you guys today! This morning we went to Labcorp to give blood since Dr. Brown's office can't read the higher numbers of HCG. Delainey had a field trip to the Museum of Science and History so we swung by on our way and quickly gave blood. I asked them how soon would my doctor hear the results and they said usually 2-3 days. I was hoping they would get the info over sooner, but Dr. Brown hadn't received anything by 4 pm today when they were closing. So maybe Monday we will hear?! To be honest I am not that concerned with it. If it's not doubling all that will do is stress me out all weekend long. In my mind it is doubling and everything is good so why worry about what the tests say. I'm glad to have a relaxing weekend without it on my mind.

Tomorrow we are taking the boat out to head down to St. Augustine. Going to meet up with friends and have lunch at a restaurant down there. Watch some basketball tomorrow night and go to church on Sunday. I'm glad to have no serious plans or places to be for the weekend :) I'll be back when I get the results to update you all, but who knows when that will be.

No symptoms so far. The only thing I can't truly tell has changed is my face is breaking out horribly! These hormones are all out of whack! The crinone is going great. Light years better than the shots in the booty. And the heparin shots in the stomach still hurt/burn sometimes, but I have gotten used to it. My stomach has totally grown! Not because of a baby though. These shots are making my stomach so lumpy and bloated. Look at the before and after. Woah belly!

I hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend. Welcome April... Dave's birthday month! :) Here are some pics from our field trip today.

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