Saturday, March 18, 2017

Blakely can Swim

Blakely Boo can officially swim. Well we call it swim, but it's more of a float, flip over and move your arms, and go back to floating. She at least would survive for the 30 seconds it takes for me to get her if she falls in the pool. She finished lessons 2 weeks ago, and I was hoping we could swim some this week to keep up her skills. Of course it was 30 degrees all week. So we may go back once a week just to stay in the pool since its a nice heated indoor pool. 

 Here was B on her first day...a little nervous. 

Half way through lessons. She can float!

 Silly swim day...swim in your winter clothes so you know what it would be like if you actually fell in.
My ISR graduate! :)

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