Monday, January 2, 2017

We bought a house!

A week and a half ago we finally closed on our house! I feel like this day would never come and at the same time, I am a little sad the planning process is over. I have a list up to my eyeballs in things I need to do and buy for the house though so I will be plenty busy for the next month! :) We moved our furniture out of storage the day after Christmas and ever since then I have been unpacking boxes, organizing things, setting up seems like it never ends. I haven't taken any after pictures of the house yet since I still need small things like decor, but hopefully soon that will happen and I'll post some pics. 
 This is a sneak peak of the day we moved furniture in. All white everywhere! :)
The girls are loving the house. I think its a combination of a new place mixed with all of their toys out of storage that has made them wild. Blakely is having a hard time adjusting as far as sleep goes, but hopefully soon she will feel comfortable and start laying down easier.

So the house has been all consuming the past week. No pics to show. We did get surprised by some family friends Paul & Dez for the weekend so that was awesome! Paul blessed our house which was so sweet of him to do. I really want it to be a place where Jesus' presence is felt and lots of life change can happen.
Just the 4 of us went out to dinner on New Years Eve to celebrate a great end to 2016 and then I went to bed at 10:30 lol. We are old! Be back with a post on some 2017 resolutions.

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