Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Some Favorite Christian Songs

Hey guys! So this was completely an unplanned post, but I was emailing a friend some of my favorite Christian songs. Songs that really reach my soul and allow me to feel the holy spirit present. I use them in both good and bad times. They just really help me focus on what is important in life. I figured why not copy and paste my email for my blog. That way someone on here who needs some encouragement or just new songs to listen to could use them as well. Hope you enjoy.  (Don't mind my commentary after each one) That was for my friend! :) 

1. Great are you Lord: puts into perspective that this life we have really isn’t ours. Its his.

2. It is Well: This is my go to/ Fave lately. I cry every time I hear it. Must turn the volume up! When they say “Let go my soul in trust in him…” Chills

3. I can only imagine: my funeral song and all time favorite. 

4. With Everything: An old one, it’s long, but still good

5. Great I am:  "There is no power in hell or any who can stand, before the power and the presence of the great I am." Yes Ma'am 

6. How He Loves: I love the part when he sings “ Yeah he loves us, Oh how he loves us…” 

7. Jesus I come: This was the song I heard in church 2 days after my D&C and cried hysterically. It’s a new favorite especially when in pain. “Thank you Jesus, just as I am I come.” Dynamite!

And of course 1 Christmas one! :) 8. Mary Did you know: so crazy to actually listen to the words and put yourself in Mary’s shoes. Listen loud to this one too.

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