Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I've been MIA & some pics of the past 2 weeks

Hey guys! I have been so horrible about keeping up with my posts these past few weeks. I am so sorry! I am barely keeping my head above water. I have like 5 posts I need to do all in the next few days, but instead of doing them, I'll be enjoying the next 3 days in New York City with Dave! (Freezing our heinys off might I add)
Since December started we watched the Julington Creek Light parade, Met with Santa, Donated presents to our Angel Tree girls, Went to Disney, Had my brother and his family come in to town, had our first walk through on our house, and my car break down....amidst our everyday crazy schedule. And that was just in the past 14 days.

So without anymore explanation, here come some posts!

2 Weekends ago we watched the Boat parade at my friend Alicia's moms house. She lives on the water so we sat out on the dock and watched the boats go by. Blakely loved it! She instantly fell in love with the lights and still every time we drive by some she yells "Mommy look...lights!" Delainey of course had a blast playing with her best friend Collins.

 Earlier that day we went to take pictures with Santa at a local Real Estate group. They had pony rides, crafts, and treats. The girls really enjoyed it and surprisingly Blakely didn't cry when meeting Santa. She wasn't sure about him though. :)

 Here are the girls with their gifts they bought for their angel tree person. They don't totally understand the concept, but we figure start them young. Delainey is starting to understand it all.

Last Thursday, we went out to dinner just the 4 of us and enjoyed hot chocolate while driving around looking at the Christmas lights. It was a great evening!

Then last Friday we headed down to Disney for Mickey's Christmas Party. I will save that for it's own post. 

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