Monday, November 14, 2016

House Update...We have a patio!

Things are moving along! They told us we would be in the house 100% by Christmas... I don't believe it. I feel like there is just so much left to do still and they are not working very quickly. It's like 3 steps forward and 1 step back because something wasn't done properly. I'm hoping it will happen, but I am surely not holding my breath. 

All cabinets are in and I am obsessed with my custom hood I had them design! Still waiting on the glass and hardware in the kitchen cabinets. Hopefully counters will be here soon too! 
 The master bath tile has been completed, a few of the bathrooms have some tiling that still needs to be complete. The electrical is done and my pendants have been hung.
 Dave and I had to go over this past week to mount the TV mount on the fireplace. Just in time for the stone to be put on the fireplace. I really like how the stone turned out. The mantel still needs to be stained dark, but hopefully they will do that sooner than later.

 The exterior stone is done, but we need the house color to be repainted bc that is the wrong color.
Our patio pavers are in and I love it! It ended up being such a large patio area. Plenty of room for the kids to run and play.
 So thats where we stand. A lot of good things and I am really enjoying seeing all our choices come together. I just hate how inefficient things are. I think I have found a new job when I want to go back to work. Scheduling and overseeing the building of homes! Until then though, it will continue on slow as molasses! :)

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