Thursday, September 1, 2016


Hey guys! Sorry I missed last Friday's update, I figured I filled you in enough with the ultrasound news for one week. Since my last post 2 Fridays ago, I mentioned I was pregnant, but didn't really feel it yet and I wanted to. Insert foot in my mouth ASAP! I am feeling it alright! The past week has been rough for me. I have been taking like 1-2 hour coma naps during the day and still am tired for the remainder of the day.  The nausea has also kicked in. I have to eat something the second I step out of bed or I feel like I'm going to vom. I am always hungry or looking for something to make me feel better, but then nothing sounds appetizing. I am a huge fan of cold foods and noodles. Similar to my last 2 pregnancies. It is funny how you have amnesia of what the first trimester feels like until it hits you! I know these symptoms are good though so I keep telling my self that when I'm gagging in the morning, or sneaking to the pantry in the middle of the night. :)

I have finally stopped taking the Estrogen, so there goes one pill twice a day. Slowly but surely my dry erase on the mirror is starting to disappear. I only have 10 more days of the progesterone shot in the booty! Hallelujah! It's honestly not that bad anymore, it is just a pain to wake up and get stabbed at 5:!5 and then try to go back to sleep. Pops is doing a great job though! The heparin in the stomach is here to stay for almost another 4 weeks. That one just hurts because I have no where else to poke in my belly. It is full of lumps. The pic below of my stomach bruises makes me look huge, but I'm really not that big, it's just the angle.

Speaking of belly. It is there and it is noticeable. I think majority of it is swollen from the shots, but maybe a little is baby?!? It is a noticeable difference in the pre pregnancy pic and now.

Not too much is happening in the infertility world. I have another ultrasound on Wednesday and we have one month to go till I'm in the second trimester so keep those prayers coming!! Hopefully I don't die of exhaustion over these next 2 days with all the wedding festivities. Hope you guys have a good weekend. 

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