Thursday, September 8, 2016

Emily's Wedding Recap: Luncehon, Rehearsal, & Sunday Brunch

Sorry it has taken me so long to do these posts. I have been worn out this week! Here is a recap of the day before and the day after the wedding. 

Friday morning all the girls went to a Bridesmaid luncheon at one of Marcia's friends house. After the luncheon we headed home to change clothes and head back out to the rehearsal at the church and dinner. 

 The rehearsal went well (the priest was feisty) and then we moved over to one of the rooms at the church for the rehearsal dinner. We had BBQ for food, gave speeches (thank the Lordy I survived), and then watched slideshows of Emily and Will. In true Will fashion, he surprised everyone with a Mariachi Band to end the dinner.

 We headed to another hall where there was dessert, a Photo Booth, and square dancing. It was definitely like nothing I have ever been to, but it was fun square dancing for a little while. My children just ran around like crazy women! We headed home around 9 since we knew we were in for a long day that was starting at 9 am.

 Sunday, the morning after the wedding, Marcia had all the family over to hang out before everyone headed out of town. They did a huge breakfast spread and we just laid around for the morning. It was great to see everyone, but I think we were all worn out. We went home for naps (for everyone) and laid low the rest of the weekend.


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