Friday, August 5, 2016

(IN)fertility Friday - 2nd Blood Draw

Hey guys! I was hoping that I would come to you today and say I am pretty confident we can change the title of this weekly post from infertility to fertility Friday,  but that may not be the case. I had my 2nd blood draw today and the number is supposed to double every 48 hours. Mine did not. It went from 505 to 890 which is not horrible, but it's not doubling so I have to go in again on Monday and do another blood draw.

Call me a pessimist or whatever you may, but I just don't have a good feeling about this. To be honest I told my sister-in-law last week that I honestly didn't think I was even going to get pregnant. That because I was being so open with this whole process that it wasn't going to work and God was going to use my situation to show others how with him I can overcome tragedy and move forward and be confident in his plan. I told her even though I'm pregnant I still feel like a miscarriage would make a good teachable moment for me. I of course would rather not learn that lesson, but if that is what God has intended than that is what will be.

So for this entire weekend, I will be laying low and be a nervous wreck. I will be analyzing every cramp and pain I feel. :( I know worrying won't help the situation so I'm going to do my best not to, but I am only human! I would really appreciate some prayers and hopefully on Monday I will be able to say all this worrying was for nothing and things look good. Have a good weekend!

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