Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Progesterone Shots Update

Friends, I had to do a quick post to let you know how the shots are going. Yikes! I was totally misinformed. I was all worried about the actual needle and getting the shot. That part is not too bad. I ice the area for 5 minutes ahead of time and don't feel too much, just a little of the oil going in. However, about 4 hours later the pain truly kicks in. I am so sore!! I feel like I bench pressed 500 lbs and can barely walk afterwards. I seriously walk around like an 85 year old and it takes forever to sit down or stand up. Dave has even had to help me squat down to pee. TMI I know. I can only sleep on my stomach because both sides hurt so bad. This shot is miserable! 15 days to go :(

I also started my heparin in my stomach twice a day so we are in full force with the meds. I finally wrote it all on my mirror so I don't forget anything.

I am getting excited from the big day on Friday! Hoping it all works out and we have a beautiful baby/babies out of all of this! Thanks for your continued prayers!

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