Friday, July 15, 2016

FET Meds Galore

I know I just did an infertility post, but I just received the rest of my meds in the mail and it is no joke! These little tummy shots seem like the size of a hair compared to these progesterone ones that go in the booty
muscle. Here is my regimen for the next 20 days starting tomorrow!
Morning: Estrogen, Progesterone shot, & Heparin shot
Evening: Estrogen, Baby Asprin, Prenatal vitamin, Heparin shot

 The scary needle & where it goes in! Nice sharpie circles so I know where to do it. LOL

Here are my before and after pics with the Lupron. Not much change, I think it's just from the cruise haha. 

Just wanted to fill you all in so you could feel my pain with me! :) Have a great weekend!

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