Friday, July 15, 2016


 Great week as far as my fertility journey goes! I had my last ultrasound today and everything looked good. We are a go for my embryo transfer next Friday! I also had my blood drawn. Honestly thats the worst part of the appointments. They take a vial each time to test my progesterone and estrogen levels. As much as I don't like doing it, I am hoping to do it 2 more times! The next time will tell if I am pregnant or not. If I am pregnant, I come back 2 days later for another blood draw to make sure my levels are doubling. I'll give 10 vials of blood to hear that good news!!
I have my last Lupron shot in the stomach tomorrow and then the good shots in the rear begin. At my appointment today, they made 2 circles on my upper butt/hip, where Grammy will be administering my progesterone shots. I don't have a lot of meat on my bones where the circles are so I am thinking this will be painful. I will also be starting my heparin this upcoming week. One shot in the morning and one at night. Got to keep this blood thin so it flows nicely to and from a baby! I did go buy a tankini to wear for the rest of the summer, because the stomach is about to get bad. As far as weight gain goes, I have gained 5 pounds since birth control, but I am not sure if it's the meds or from eating 5 entrees each night on my cruise! LOL

I sported my Unshaken t-shirt today to remind me that no matter what happens my faith will remain unshaken and I can get through anything. I have honestly had a lot more peace about it all this time versus the last. I just feel like if for some reason it doesn't work, that is part of God's plan and his timing is always perfect and I will understand and see it from his point of view one day. This is one of my favorite verses and my anthem as I fight infertility! Romans 5:3-5

Here are 2 other verses that are great for any other infertility warriors out there:
I will be back before next Friday with a mid week fertility post, letting you know how the progesterone shots are doing. I am saving Friday's post to inform you on how the whole transfer process went and I will have plenty of time to blog next Friday while being on mild bed rest for the day! I hope you all have a great weekend! And I had to throw in 1 last picture of me sporting my first choker since 2005. I was obsessed with them in high school and the beginning of college and David loved them too! I was so excited to hear the choker trend is back! I'm 100% all over this one! :) 

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