Friday, July 22, 2016


Well today was the day guys! I had my transfer today and as far as I know everything seemed to go well. Now we just need to say prayers that these baby/babies stick. 

Here is a rundown of how the morning went:
I woke up and took my morning meds/shots and they haven't really seemed to get any better. Hopefully soon my booty will start to get used to them since I have another 2 weeks of them at the minimum. Dave & I headed to the Dr. and on the way I had to drink 24 oz of water so I would have a nice full bladder. It is easier for them to see the uterus. When we got to the Dr's office, I put on a nice hair net and socks, but could stay in my dress since I could just hike it up. 
 They called my name and in the room I went. Sorry for the spread leg shot, they were velcroed into the stirrups. I did make sure you couldn't see anything though thanks to the blanket. You're welcome! :) The embryologist came in verified my identity, confirmed I was putting in 2 embryos, and told me I had 4  left. The Dr. inserted the catheter and squeezed the embryos in and that was it. He watched on an ultrasound to make sure it went in well and pointed out where they were. I laid there for about 10 minutes and we were on our merry way.

 I walked at a snails pace out of there hating that I had to be vertical at all, but David wasn't down for carrying me out. Rode home in the back of the truck and have been laying in bed ever since.
I am on a restricted bed rest for the next 2-3 days and then can resume life as normal after that. Still no working out or anything strenuous though until my blood test to see if I'm pregnant in 2 weeks. (really 12 days, but who's counting! me!) Let the 2 week wait begin. Last time was such an emotional roller coaster. I am hoping to be preoccupied enough with the girls time flies by and I don't think about it too much. Here is an ultrasound of our potential babies!! Thanks for all your prayers and support during this It really has been nice people knowing about it this time. I have received so many texts and kind word over the past day or 2 and who doesn't want lots of people praying for them. I do!  

(You can't see much in the pic, but its the little circle where the arrow is pointing, they are next to each other.)

By the way, this is a hilarious article about the 2 week wait but is 100% true how you feel when you go through this.

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