Saturday, July 23, 2016

House Update

With all the infertility stuff going on lately, I have completely forgot to mention how things are going with the house. When we got back from our trip from Cashiers for July 4th we were so excited to see they should be pouring a slab soon. It took like 2 months to get to that point. I thought I would never have a house. Well since pouring the slab it is nuts to see how much work can be done in just 1 day. Last I looked, Thursday, they were working on putting up the wood on the roof! I am getting so excited. Dave literally goes by every single day rain or shine and walks through it all. Twice we have seen some mistakes and let the builder know which I'm sure they really appreciate LOL. Atleast they know we are on top of things. We have been busy this last week and half  meeting with the pool guy, finalizing my last design elements by choosing tile for our master bath, and met with the low volt guy about cable and audio stuff. It is so neat to see it all coming to fruition and we feel so blessed to get to do this! Here are some pics  over a 15 day period. These guys do some work!! 

July 6

July 15

July 20

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