Monday, May 23, 2016

Last Week's Shenanigans

This past week was Delainey's last week of school. We had an end of the year field trip to Chuck E. Cheese which Delainey loved! We really enjoyed her year at Living Waters and are looking forward to next year when she is in VPK. I can't believe we only have one year left till my little princess is in Elementary school. Wahh :( She will be going on Mon, Wed, & Fri from 9-3 so I at least I will have 2 days that I will still get to see her during the week.
 She has matured so much over the year. She went from a toddler to a grown lady!
 As usual lately, our week consisted of more packing and more unpacking for the girls. I swear I get one box packed and 20 minutes later most of it has been pulled out. The girls are loving the empty cabinets though. It makes for some dynamite hiding spots for Hide & Seek. I thought the girls were so cute both laying on their back reading their books. Blake seems so old!

Friday night the girls had a sleepover at Gammoe's house so Dave & I could make our first trip to the storage unit. We did lots of attic stuff and boxes. Babe came to help too so that was lovely. Our real packing day is this Saturday. We have all the family recruited and a 26 foot truck rented so hopefully it won't be too bad. I am getting nostalgic watching my house go from my beloved home of 6 years to bare walls. I brought home both my babies to this house and we have some fantastic memories here. Who knew I would be so attached to a thing. I am so excited for our next journey, but we have some fantastic memories here that I never want to forget.
 Saturday, we went to watch Kenty do a fitness competition and of course Delainey had to test out EVERYTHING. She loved hanging on these!

 We had lunch at Derby on the Park in Riverside and then went out to the beach for Erica's gender revel party. She's having a GIRL!!! I am so excited! She already has a boy and I think everyone on Earth needs a girl! LOL But seriously every mom needs a daughter to be best friends with when they get older and to help them raise their own kids one day. Krista is preg and due Sept. 28th, Erica is due Nov. 18, and Tracie is due Nov. 24th....crazy! Hopefully Jessica and I can join the group soon! :)

Since 95% of my house is packed up, meals and food at home is next to impossible. So tonight we improvised and went to the pool to swim and had dinner at the poolside cafe. It was a lovely night!!
Please pray everything goes well with moving this weekend and that everything falls into place for our closing. On to mom's we go for the next 5 months or so!

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