Friday, May 20, 2016


Last week was a success. I am all paid up and ready to go for the July FET cycle. The nurse was calling in my meds so I will be ready to rock in 3 weeks. We will be gone to Lake Lanier the week I start everything so I need to have it all in my possession ahead of time. Luckily, she told me I could start my birth control 3 days late in June when I get my period. She initially told me that since my period was a few days after the time to start the birth control, I would need to start it a whole month ahead of time. No thanks!! I don't need to be crazy any longer than necessary. So really I will be on the birth control for only 18 days. I can do anything for just 18 days right? Other than that, nothing new over here. I feel like when we chose to do the July cycle it seemed like an eternity away. I can't believe how fast the months have flown by and it is already almost time. Blakely is starting to get a personality, talk some, and move around good these days so I am ready for another baby. I know just wait till I have 3 everyone says, but I am excited to have a house full of maniacs running around!

On another good note, the timing of this works perfectly with where life is for us right now. We have been diligently packing the house in boxes to get ready for our move next weekend. We will be moving in with my mom for about 5 months so if I do become pregnant, it will be awesome to have some help during the first trimester exhaustion. Our house should be ready late October, early November so it should be plenty of time to move in before the next baby comes around. All of this though is a plan. It may not work and that's ok if it doesn't.  We will just have to try again. It will happen all in God's timing. Talk to you guys soon and enjoy your weekend! I get to find out tomorrow if one of my besties is having a boy or a girl!! I can't wait!

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