Thursday, May 12, 2016


Last week, I discussed briefly my journey with IVF for Blakely and that we were doing a Frozen Embryo Transfer(FET) this summer to try for another kid. I left you hanging with the question of are we going to put in 1 embryo or 2? The answer is our plan right now is 2. There is a lot that goes into it, but I think it is the best choice for our family.

The pros of doing 2 embryos is an increased chance of an embryo taking and getting pregnant, and to be honest, that is really it. The cons of doing 2 embryos are there is a 10% chance of having twins (and there is always the very small possibility that the embryos could split so I'd be looking at a max of 4 kids), if I did get pregnant with twins it is higher risk, room for more complications, harder on the body, harder to do with 2 children at home already, most likely some bed rest, and increased chances of complications if I get Placenta Previa again. Not to mention who knows how it will effect my MTHFR (blood clotting disorder) stuff. So when the list is all laid out, we choose 2 LOL. Our outlook is our chances of both taking are not that great and if I do get pregnant with twins than that is what God has planned for us and we will figure everything out as we go.

I am heading in tomorrow to pay all the fees and have my prescriptions for my medicines called in. The worst medicine of all is the birth control they put you on for 3 weeks. It has so much estrogen, that you literally go nutso. Hopefully I can control myself a little better on it this time and not be so emotional. I'm sure it seems silly to most of you to take birth control if you are trying to get pregnant, but it is necessary to stop all ovulation and get your body on track so they can time all of the shots and implanting properly. After 3 weeks of birth control, you have an ultrasound to look at your uterus and ovaries to make sure there are no cysts and everything looks good to move ahead with the FET. Dr. Brown also does a trial transfer before hand. This is where he squirts dye in your uterus to make sure everything looks good and that the catheter can get to your uterus easily. After these things are done. Things are a go! All of this will be starting in less than a month! I can't believe its almost here. Until next week guys, have a good weekend!

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