Thursday, May 19, 2016

Delainey's 4 Year Update

Height: 43 inches
Weight: 40 Pounds
Head Circumference:  Who knows, but I would say it's an average size. Fits well in hats lol!
Movement: You are a wild woman and so strong at that! You can climb most any tree, you can do the monkey bars and can do a pull over on the bars all by yourself in gymnastics. You shimmy up a rope to about 8 feet, you can do a backbend and are working on your cartwheel in gymnastics. You are still a great swimmer. I am hoping to work on some strokes with you this year, but you usually like to just have fun and not actually "work." Your hopscotch is getting better and when you take your time you can balance very well on the beam. In soccer, you are fast, but not to great at dribbling or kicking the ball on the move. You would rather play tag vs actually playing in the game. LOL
Eating Habits/New Foods: We are moving into a new phase with our eating. It is hard for you to focus at school or in gymnastics sometimes so we are going to try to see if your diet will help with that. Time to cut out most sugars, processed foods, and food coloring and dyes. We are trying to add more protein in the mornings and less bad snacks throughout the day. Your meals consists of: Breakfast: pancakes & sausage,  yogurt with granola, bagel with cream cheese, granola bar or cereal. Lunch: you love to do picnics/finger foods for lunch, especially while at school. Some new snacks you love are pizza rolls, pirates booty, pretzels, apples, salami cheese and crackers, and smoothies.
Dinner: You eat pretty much whatever we eat. You prefer butter noodles to spaghetti sauce and you don't love some vegetables, but you like most foods besides that. You love chinese food, steak, caesar salad, butter noodles, Mexican food, chips and queso.
Sleeping Patterns: You are a sleeper through the night from 8 pm to 7:30 am on average. We have an occasional bad dream or you have to go bathroom and that wakes you up. Once you are up it is rough getting back to bed. You lay quietly but just lay there for like an hour or so before actually falling asleep. You definitely like us to lay with you to go to sleep at bedtime, but it only happens occasionally.
Sounds/Words: You are almost completely good at recognizing all the letters in the alphabet. No we are working on the sounds they make (phonics) so we can start reading. We do need help with writing though. You are just starting to learn how to write your own name. Hopefully this summer we will perfect that. You have a great imagination and love making up stories.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You completed preschool -3's class at Living Waters and loved your teachers and class.
-You celebrated your birthday at Disney at the Bippidy Boppidy Boutique and had lunch in Cinderella's castle.
-You are turning into an awesome big sister and are so helpful with her
-You played soccer at the YMCA. It was ok, but you didn't love it.
-You learned how to ski in Steamboat CO.
-You started gymnastics at Starlight and are doing really well.
-We went to Mickey's Xmas party with the whole family.
-You are still a dynamite swimmer.
-You went to the Circus this year and Frozen on Ice
New Friends I've made: You've been hanging out with mostly the same people at school. Callie moved away so Claire is your new favorite friend at school. Your new obsession is boys who you say you are going to marry. One day you're going to marry Noah and then the next day its Alejandro. You can't seem to make up your mind. Luckily we have a long time to decide on that.
Places you went/Adventures: You went to Disney quite a few times for the Christmas party, your 4th birthday, and 2 other times with mom to make use of our season passes. We flew to Steamboat to go skiing for a week, we went out on the boat several times, we went to Frozen on Ice, the circus and lots of days at story time and chick-fil-a. You are loving your weekly gymnastics class too.
Things you love:  Dress up, playing with your princess barbies and clip dolls, watching Disney movies, reading books, playing outside, going to the park, swimming, doing art, playing teacher, making up stories or talking with imaginary friends. You love pretending to be me and Grammy is your mom. It's so funny how serious you take your character.

Clothes: You are in 4T or 5T sleepers and you do 5T clothes for the most part. Your shorts are 4T still. You are still obsessed with dresses and love to wear jellies and flip flops for shoes. These are your current sizes: Gymboree-5T, Target- 5T, Old Navy/Gap- 5T. Size 11 shoe

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