Monday, April 4, 2016

Blakely's 1st Birthday Party

As much as I love to plan weddings and throw parties, I was not that thrilled to do Blakely's 1st birthday. We have just had so much going on lately, that I was kind of hoping to just do a small get together with family. Dave of course did NOT let that happen because Delainey had a huge 1st bday party so Blakely had to as well! LOL Hopefully Dave soon realizes not everything has to be even. :)

I decided on a Minnie Mouse theme that was a spin off of Minnie's Bow-tique on Disney Junior. It's a short like 5 minute show that Delainey is obsessed with. So there it was, "Blakely's Bow-tique" and off I went running. The closer the party the more I got into decorating and make crafts for it. Here are some of the detail pictures of the party.

As far as how the actual party went, it was awesome! It rained all morning up until 30 minutes before and then turned into a gorgeous day. The big kids had so much fun on the water slide and swimming in the pool! Blakely just hung out for the most part. She loved the taste of her cake, but not getting her hands dirty with frosting. LOL The hot diggity dog bar was a hit and I was obsessed with the look of her cake. It was a fantastic day celebrating my big 1 year old!! Here are some pics of the party.

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