Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Blakely!

It is so crazy to think that this time one year ago we were laying in our hospital room snuggling the most precious little baby that God could have ever blessed us with. It felt a little different with Blakely than it did with Delainey, just because we had to go through so much more to get our baby Blake. Like I always say, I think the longer you have to wait for something, the more you appreciate it when it actually comes. It was such an amazing feeling to see it all come to fruition and hold her in our arms.
She truly has blessed our lives in ways that are unexplainable. She is such a sweet little girl who loves her family (Mommy especially), always wants to be with her big sissy, and has a smile and laugh that can bring tears to your eyes. There is nothing more fulfilling than to watch my 2 girls laugh and play together. She is as sweet as they come, but does have a little sass to her. When she wants something she will absolutely let you know. She loves to eat and loves her milk. As long as she's not hungry, she is the happiest baby on the planet. 
This year has flown by, but I know the years to come are going to be just as great if not even better as Blakely continues to get older. Here are some pictures of my sweet 1 year old girl from 1 year ago to today! 

 Eating her birthday pancakes

The birthday girl! 
Happy Birthday Blakely! We love you so much!!

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