Monday, March 28, 2016

Blakely's Birthday Week

Poor Blakely got the short end of the stick when she was born right around Easter. Since it is one of my favorite holidays, there are so many traditions and things I like to do,  that her birthday has taken a backseat. Throw on all the fun with the houses and poor girl isn't even getting a present from Mom. 
This past week we have done lots of furniture shopping (not buying, just getting ideas). Delainey wants a bunk bed, but was obsessed with the carriage bed, and Blakley just wants to climb around on all the furniture. 
We had a chick-fil-a picnic in the back of the car, before doing some shopping at the mall. 
 We made resurrection rolls to discuss Jesus' death and him rising from the dead and him no longer being in the tomb. Blake helped too! Well really she just helped eating them after since they tasted just like cinnamon rolls.

 We went to Good Friday service and the girls did really well!
 And we spent a rainy Saturday at Chuck E Cheese for some birthday week fun! This one is fairly new so it hasn't gotten all rundown and gross yet. Both kiddies loved it, but it will be nice when Blakley can walk and just follow you around.

Saturday night we had a date night to Kickbacks in Riverside while Gammoe watched the girls. Not my top choice of restaurants to go to, but the 2 I tried before settling, were fully booked for the night. It was just nice to have some alone adult time with dad. The food was fine, but more of a bar atmosphere than I would have liked. Oh well. At least we went out to dinner and are keeping up with our resolutions!

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