Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pics from this week

This week was spent running errands, going to school, playing at Gammoe's in the new playhouse, crafting for Blakely's 1st birthday party, and TONS of cleaning!! We had the carpets professionally cleaned this week which was well worth the money! It looks so much better. I have been de-cluttering and packing boxes full of things that we don't need for quite some time. Majority of it is all out in our garage to make the house look nice. We have deep cleaned this house from floor to ceiling, touched up the paint, vacuumed, mopped, scrubbed the bathrooms...needless to say we have been busy! But the house looks great! We had a professional photographer come on Friday to take pics for our listing and the house should be up for sale by next weekend. Ah!!  I feel like it is happening so fast!

I am praying it sells fast! It is so stressful trying to keep the house clean at all times with 2 wild women running around. Once it's listed we need to be ready to show it within a few hours so we will be spending lots of time away from the house so we don't dirty it LOL. Pray it sells fast please!! 

How cute are these precious little bunnies!
 The girls love their new playhouse at Gammoe's. D calls it the "Delainey Marie Bakery" and she make some seriously delicious pies in her shop LOL

All the girls together! Love them! Never a dull moment with these maniacs. 
 We tried to put a pony tail in Blakely's hair. We aren't quite ready yet LOL

 I thought D looked so pretty with her hair all messy and wavy. Had to snap a few pictures!
Today we went to a little Easter egg hunt at a church near our house where D got her face painted, played on the bounce house and did 2 easter egg hunts. 

After that we did a little family day on the boat and headed down towards St. Augustine. We ate lunch at a restaurant called Beaches on the intracoastal and it was lovely. They had a large beach area where Delainey was able to run and play and we were able to enjoy food and drinks at the same time. The food was pretty good too and reasonably priced. 

The boat ride down was a little rough as Blakely hated her life jacket. It really is so bulky and hard to maneuver around in so I don't blame her. The ride home was much better because she just took a nap in my lap. I think she will enjoy the boat a little more once she starts walking, but hopefully she will be walking by the next time we go out. It was a lovely day on the water!

Off to bed I go since we lose an hour tonight! :( I hope my kids adjust well! Hope you all had a great week! 

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