Monday, March 7, 2016

Blakely's 11 Month Update

Height: about 29 inches
Weight: about 19 1/2  pounds
Head Circumference: about 18 1/2 inches
Vision: We are good in this department. Nothing to report
Movement: You still aren't walking yet, but can stand holding on to nothing for about 20 seconds. I am pulling out the walker so you can start practicing the motion of moving your feet forward. You are the fastest crawler in the world ;) You are also starting to crawl up stairs you little dare devil.
Eating Habits/New Foods: Bye bye boobie milk. We are officially done breastfeeding and are doing formula for the next month till we can switch to cows milk. You are eating 4 ounces every 3-4 hours and then a 6 ounce bottle at night. You are a beast when it comes to food! You act like you cannot get enough when I am feeding you. You suck down a pouch in honestly less than 15 seconds, its crazy! Most foods are bite sized instead of purees these days. New foods you have liked are: cheese pizza, broccoli, mexican rice and beans, publix cookies, popcorn chicken. Now if only those 2 bottom teeth would pop through we would be good to go on harder foods!
Sleeping Patterns: Still getting up once in the middle of the night to eat. I'm so soft this time around. I would have made you cry it out long ago if it was your sis. But every time I think I'm going to let you cry all night, you get sick or I "think" you are teething. I swear I am going to get you sleeping through the night again this month!
Sounds/Words: You are starting to say some words this past month. You can say no, uh oh, dada, and Mama (you say it all day long). You have also said hi and bye but not very often. You laugh a lot, scream at the top of your lungs for no reason (thanks to Delainey for teaching you that). You are also doing the ouch sign now too.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You can stand by yourself for a while
-You are great with the signs: more, all done, ouch, milk, hi & bye
-You saw snow for the 1st time and loved it. You even got to do a little skiing on Daddy's chest
-You celebrated your 1st valentines day.
-You got your 1st serious stomach bug that included vomiting and then diarrhea for an entire week. .
Places you went/Adventures: Your big adventure this month was skiing in Steamboat. You traveled so well on the plane and in the shuttle. You did really well in childcare too. You swam in the hot springs, you went to the zoo, you celebrated your 1st Valentines day, you had a water play day with your new water table and loved it, and you spent lots of time at the YMCA (hence the extra sicknesses)
Clothes: You are in 12 month clothes for the most part. Leggings and jeans are 12 months. We are in 12 month sleepers now. You have moved up to a size 5 diaper. You are growing so fast it is crazy! I can't believe you are almost 1! WAHHH :(
Sister updates: You girls are doing great together. Delainey picks you up and carries you everywhere these days. Sometimes you don't like it since you would rather crawl yourself. She brings you out to the kitchen for breakfast, keeps you out of the bathroom, she is doing awesome. And you just want to be with her at all times. I can't wait till you can walk and start chasing her around. It's going to be a wild house!!
Weekly Pictures:

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