Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Steamboat vacation 2016 - part 2

Friday morning, we brought Blakely to childcare and sent Delainey to ski school. That allowed me a day to go ski some different areas of the mountain that were too intense to do with D.  We skied some lovely runs on the other side, had lunch at a restaurant at the top of the mountain, and I turned in early around 2 to get the girls. (Keep in mind every time I was not skiing with Dave he was off doing the crazy black diamond runs so he got plenty of time to do his own thing when we weren't around. That boy skied from 9 am to 4 pm all 3 days.) I made it back to ski school in time to see Delainey to do one last run on her own. She had learned the pizza wedge and show to point her belly button to where she wanted to go to turn. She had also learned how to stop! She loved the school and kept asking to go back the next day.

That afternoon we took the girls sledding and let Blakely enjoy a little bit of the snow. She hated her snowsuit because she couldn't crawl well in it. She did enjoy the sledding though. That was until I tried sledding on my own and fell out and Blakely started crying hysterically. Sweet girl didn't want her mom to get hurt. From that point on she cried every time someone got on the sled. Lol

We headed back inside for showers to get ready to go out to eat. We went to a steakhouse where you season and cook your own steaks on a large grill. It was a cool concept and the steaks were good, but if I'm going to pay $30+ for a steak it better be cooked to perfection and I am no professional chef lol.   We ended the night with ice cream and candy from the local candy shop and headed to bed.
Saturday Blakely went to daycare again and since she was the only one, we decided why not just put her in the chest pack and ski her down to the childcare area vs driving in the car. What a disaster. Dave had her on his chest since he is the best skier, but what we didn't think about was who was going to handle the harness for Delainey. I tried, Emily tried, Will ran into Gammoe as we we were trying to pick Delainey up off the ground since she was throwing a fit because she wasn't skiing right. Just a total nightmare. Dave finally just put D between his legs again and bent down and skied with both girls. What a champ. Delainey finally calmed, I dropped off Blakely and we were ready to rock.

We found some new green runs the were awesome for Delainey including a little ski school area with tepees and forts you could ski through a t-bar lift the kids could be dragged on by themselves. She was in heaven!! Singing, yelling faster Daddy, trying to beat everyone, loving every minute of it! Until, we decided let's head back for lunch and on the way back, she fell and bit her lip. All she wanted was Mom, blood was all in her mouth, it was so sad. Dave carried her home where we ate lunch and she calmed down some. I was positive she was going to be done skiing for the day, but when I asked her if she wanted to go back to that fun area she said yes and that's just what she did. She skied a few more runs after lunch and called it a day. I went and picked up D and we had some quiet time before everyone came back at 4.

That night we had a date night with Emily & Will at a delicious restaurant called Laundry. It was all small plates of food you shared and it was heaven. Voted #1 restaurant in Steamboat. After dinner we went to a pub where a live band was playing and headed home around 11:30 to go to sleep. (We are old!)
Sunday morning we packed up, headed back to Denver in the van, and then flew home. Blakely got a stomach bug and threw up on the car ride so that made things interesting, but overall we all made it back in one piece and were so exhausted and ready to go to sleep by the time we got home a 12:30 am.

Monday was spent doing literally 9 loads of laundry, playing with our toys we missed, and bedtimes at 7 pm. It was all worth it though. Glad we could keep the annual ski trip tradition alive! Can't wait for next year!!! Here are a few professional pics to leave you with!

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