Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Steamboat Vacation 2016 - Part 1

We are back home and finally getting back into the swing of things. That two hour time change is no joke! We had so much fun though and I loved every minute of being in the snow and cold weather. I took about 500 pictures so I'm going to break the trip up into a few posts so there aren't a million pics in 1 post. Here we go...
Wednesday morning we headed to the airport for an early morning direct flight from Jax to Denver. I was nervous since it was a 4 hour flight but both girls did awesome! Delainey watched a million Disney shows on the free tv and Blakely slept some, ate, and just looked around and played with toys. After we arrived to Denver, we had to take  3 1/2 hour shuttle ride to steamboat. Again thinking it would be horrible and the girls were phenomenal. We finally made it to steamboat around 4 where we settled into our condo, went to pick up our ski rentals, and enjoyed dinner at home with the Fam.
Thursday morning came and the weather ended up being gorgeous and Delainey was dying to go ski. I had only paid for child care for Blakely though for Friday and Saturday. Luckily (well not so lucky for Will) Will was able to babysit Blakely for a few hours while the rest of us went out to watch D try skiing for the first time! Will pulled his hamstring on Tuesday skiing so he was pretty much out of commission for the entire week :(
After taking what seemed like 30 minutes to get Delainey dressed, we walked out to the slopes to try things out. David started by holding her between his legs so she could get a feel for how things worked. She kept wanting to lean back so that want working. Dodaddy and Dave kept telling her to make a pizza pie, which wasn't working (she's only 3 silly boys). So Mom stepped in and explained a little better about bending her legs and leaning forward with her arms out like she was flying. Worked like a charm. After 2 times down the bunny slope, we went up the chairlift and strapped on the harness where she could ski on her own and Dave could control her speed. She did fantastic!!! I was so proud of her! After a few more runs she got tired so we headed in for lunch and to relieve Will from babysitting.

That afternoon we went to the Old Town hot Springs, which looked like a pool with hot tubs, but easy spring fed and it was lovely! Blakely especially loved it because it was like swimming in a huge hot bath. After the springs, we shopped around the downtown area, had a gyro from a Greek restaurant, and had root beer floats from an old time soda shop! That evening we ate at home again, put the girls to bed, and went to the hot tub for a while.

Be back soon for a recap of the rest of the trip.

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