Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Disney Weekend Getaway - Dinner with the Princesses

 About 4 months ago I started looking into character breakfasts' to take Delainey too. They all seemed so expensive for literally 5 seconds with each character. I at least wanted a good meal out of it and not pancakes and cold eggs. So I started researching what characters were at what places and found out about the princess dining at Epcot at the Akershus restaurant. Apparently it and Cinderella's castle are the 2 best places to meet the princesses (which Delainey would much rather do than meeting Mickey & Minnie). So I booked dinner several months ago and the time had finally come. 

Honest thoughts, It wasn't worth it. I am so cheap and go to Disney so often that meeting the princesses is not that big of a deal. If you rarely ever go to Disney, it may be worth it. We walked in and met Belle right away and took a picture with her (you can meet her personally in Storytime with Belle at MK). Then we were seated and asked what drinks we wanted. Soft drinks were included alcohol or special drinks with fun cups was more. They had a buffet for appetizers that consisted of meats, cheeses, and seafood. Once we ordered our food we were free to go to the buffet as much as as we wanted. I ordered the sweedish meatballs (the restaurant is all based on Norwegian food) and dave ordered the pork chop. The meatballs were actually very tasty. Delainey opted for the kids mac n cheese with an upcharged lemonade since it had a fancy light on it. Dessert was a trio of rice pudding, apple pie, and chocolate mousse. Why I say it wasn't worth is goes back to me being cheap. I have a hard time paying $52 a person to eat some meatballs I could get at IKEA for $4.99. I was most outraged by Delainey's which cost $32 for some darn mac n cheese. Nutso! Next time I am not ordering her anything since she doesn't eat barely any of it anyway. 

 While we were eating all the princesses came by to say hello. They hug you talk to you for a few minutes, take a picture and move to the next table . We met Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, & Jasmine. I know you are guaranteed to meet at least 5 princesses, which ones are not determined though. After they went around to all the tables, the princesses did one last march through the restaurant and the kids could follow and dance along. 

Delainey loved meeting the princesses. She said numerous times that was the best part of her day, so all in all it was worth it.  I think if you are going to do a character dinner this would be one of the best ones to do.
In all my craziness, I already booked lunch at Cinderella's castle for Delainey's birthday after she gets her hair and make up done at the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique. I kind of would rather not waste the money on it, but I paid upfront and it will be nice to compare the two. So that pretty much sums up our dinner with the princesses. A dinner fit for a little princess too! :) 

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