Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Disney Weekend Getaway - Epcot Part 1

Who was I kidding in my last post saying I would be back on Sunday with a recap of our trip. This Momma was exhausted Sunday evening and I'm OCD everyone must be unpacked before I can head to bed. So needless to say there was no time to blog.
We had a wonderful weekend away just the 4 of us. I am so glad that Dave loves Disney as much as the rest of us. This was his first time visiting Epcot (or at least that he can remember) so that was really cool for him to experience.
Saturday morning we woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and hit the road to Orlando. We arrived to Epcot at noon, just in time for our first fast pass to meet Minnie & Mickey. Delainey was excited about it, but I secretly scheduled it because I wanted to see how Blakely would do and get her first pictures with the characters. She was not impressed.  As long as Mama was holding her she was ok. When I tried to reach her out to them she would cry. Oh well she will love them soon enough.

After meeting the characters we went off to do some rides. We went on living on the land, Journey through Imagination with Figment and watched a few short films in 3D which were actually really cute!

Then we went on the Finding Nemo ride, explored the aquariums (it happened to be feeding time right when we were there so that was cool to watch), and then D & Dad did the Test Track ride. She was nervous because it was fast, but she came off the ride skipping. She clearly loved it!

We completed most of the rides that D was tall enough for so then we decided to walk the World and look at all the countries before dinner. It really is a cool place especially for those people who have never traveled outside of the USA. I told Dave we were 100% going down to the food and wine festival this fall! We went to dinner at the Akershus palace and met some of the princesses (see separate blog post) then decided to call it a night. The temperature had definitely dropped by the time we finished dinner. We hit up one last ride in the Epcot ball on the way out and headed back to the hotel.

Dave and I were talking on the way home Sunday that we really need to just plan a day to stay and play at the hotel on our next trip to Orlando. Delainey is absolutely obsessed with them! At one point during the day at Epcot she asked if we could leave and go to the hotel LOL. I can't say I blame her, I love staying at hotels too. (well the nice ones that is) She jumps on the bed, takes showers by herself, asks to swim in 45 degree weather, snuggles in bed with her Dad, she just loves everything about it. We finally had lights out by 10 pm and were sound asleep to prepare for another fun day at Disney. This time...Animal Kingdom.

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