Thursday, February 4, 2016

Disney Weekend Getaway - Animal Kingdom

On Sunday, we finished up our weakend getaway with a day at Animal Kingdom. The weather was perfect, not too cold, but not too hot. We started off by doing A Bug's Life 3D and then taking the train out to the affection section (fancy petting zoo). Delainey was very excited to meet Rafiki since we just watched the Lion King this past week. We did the safari next and almost all of the animals were out which was nice.

Then we headed to watch The Lion King performance and then ate some lunch. Dave & I separately went on the dinosaur ride, but decided it was probably better if Delainey didn't go. I went first to see how scary it was and came back saying no thanks we don't need nightmares tonight from D LOL. It was a pretty cool ride though. So while Dave rode the dinosaur ride, we headed to the kids area where we did a dumbo-like ride, dug for bones in the boneyard and ran around on slides and nets.

We headed home around 4 and the girls were beat. They just don't sleep great in hotels so add that on with staying up late the night before and all the activity from the day, they were both knocked out in 3 minutes. I took Dave's jacket and tied it around the carseat so Delainey's head wouldn't hang. Genius if I do say so myself haha.
This will be our last family trip to Disney until we go the last week in April for Delainey's big birthday celebration. I'm sure the girls will sneak in one more day in between then though :) Another great Disney weekend in the books. 

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