Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Life lately through the camera roll

I love being pregnant, I love having babies, and I love being a mom. I have always had pretty good pregnancies with not to severe symptoms during or after my babies were born. One thing that did happen after both girls were born was my hair fell out big time! Especially in the front area, but thats no big deal because hair grows back. I thought I had escaped the postpartum phase unscathed again for the most part with everything staying the same. Boy was I wrong. In the past 2 months, the texture of my hair has changed and become a frizzy/wavy mess. I am so sad because I prided myself on my lovely straight hair. It was glorious walking out of the house with wet hair and it looking great an hour later when it dried. Those days are over. :( The back is wavy and now it either needs to be blow dried or let it dry and then use a hair straightener. I actually purchased a good straightener today online. Wahh! so long straight hair! Time to add an extra 10 minutes onto my beauty regimen.  
 Tuesday night my Mom 2 Mom group went to dinner at Cantina Laredo. It was nice to have a night out with no kids and no where to be. Just time for food and catching up on what's happening in our busy lives.
 Blakely has been going through a rough patch as far as sleeping goes. I could have sworn it was teeth, but I have yet to see a tooth so who knows what it is. She's been getting up twice at night to eat, and waking between 6 and 7 am. I took advantage the other morning and let her come lay in bed with me and snuggle. Our snuggle sessions are few and far between so I had to snap a picture of it, before she is too big to want to cuddle.
 Thursday was a gorgeous day so I took the girls to the park after I picked up D from school.

Then we met Dad that evening for dinner at V's Pizza. They had live music which was a nice perk and the pizza is so delicious! Delainey of course loved the gelato.

Saturday we had a big family day out to buy Dad some new suits. He is going to his national sales meeting this upcoming weekend so he needs some new threads to look all nice and spiffy. D enjoyed trying on the jackets and sweet Blakely just wanted to crawl through the entire store. I'm happy to report we found some. Actually 2 because it was buy 1 get 1 free, but sweet mother those things are EXPENSIVE! Dave tried to justify it because it would be another 10 years till he had to buy more, but it was still hard to fork over that much on 4 items of clothing. I'd rather buy 100 different shirts over the next ten years for the same price! ;)

After our shopping trip, we dropped the girls at Gammoe's so we could go out on a date! New Years Resolution #2 - going on at least 1 date a month: CHECK for January! We went to a bar called Silver Cow first and got a drink and charcuterie. Then we headed to dinner at a new restaurant in riverside called il Desco. It means dinner table in Italian and it was amazing food! My new favorite italian restaurant hands down. I almost felt like I was in a New York Italian restaurant with the decor and decorative food. (And prices LOL) They make all the pasta homemade, the burata in house, have wood fired oysters and pizzas, and some dynamite desserts. It all was very good and I will definitely back again soon!

Sunday morning we headed to church and then to lunch at Beach Diner. Blakely is getting so big and Big Momma loves food! I can't feed her fast enough! Here is an example. I gave her a mum which is like a wafer that dissolves and she shoved the whole 3 inch mum in her mouth at once. I love this girl!

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