Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 New Year Resolutions

1. Grow a deeper spiritual relationship with the Lord - I am hoping to do this through a variety of ways. I am absolutely going to do a daily devotion every morning. I am so much kinder and more patient when I get up a few minutes early before the kids and read a devotion and pray before getting the day started. I also am looking forward to trying out Bible Study Fellowship in the fall instead of continuing with Mom 2 Mom. I love M2M, but I am in my 4th year of a 3 year study so I have heard all the lessons already and I want something that will challenge me a little more. So after April no more Mom 2 Mom for me. I am also hoping to read the book(s) that coincide with the lessons being taught at church. I really enjoy having a book that talks deeper on what the pastor preached that week and we are starting a new series in 2 weeks so I have to go buy the book.

2. Go on at least 1 date a month with David (continuing from last year) - You would think this would be so easy, only 1 date! It is almost impossible to happen. We did good for a few months last year and then fell off the wagon. I don't think we have been on a date in the past 5 months (with the exception of my birthday dinner, which I count as a date!) I have access to babysitters so there really shouldn't be any excuse to not go 1 out of 30 days.

3. Workout and live a healthier lifestyle - I am stating this goal very loosely, because I don't want it to be a specific number or anything that I am guaranteed to fail at. I just want to get back into working out, whether it be yoga, group classes, or just lifting weights. I would like to say I'd do it at least 3 days a week, but we all know things come up and that won't happen some weeks. I also want to watch what I eat and make healthier choices. Again, I love food and won't give up things I love to make only healthy choices so I am just going to try to be healthier overall.

These are the 3 main things I want to work on, but of course there are tons of other areas to improve. I could cook more, look less at social media, not text and drive, have a meal ready when Dave gets home from work...millions of things I could go on and on about! But the 3 above are what is most important to me and so I'm going to focus on that and not bog myself down with to many things to keep up with. What are your New Year Resolutions? Anyone have anything great that I am forgetting? I'm on Day 6 of January and I am off to a great start. Gym twice this week so far and doing good with my devotionals. I need to schedule a Date night we David ASAP!

PS: I know texting and driving is horrible! I have gotten so much better and really only look at my phone if I am stopped at a stoplight. I really should just put it in the back so I can't look at it at all while in the car, but people call and text and sometimes its urgent! Wahhh! I know I'm just making excuses. I WILL stop texting and driving in 2016!

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