Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December to Remember - Week 2 (Part 2)

Saturday morning, everyone headed back to Jax except for myself and the girls. I had been wanting to take them to see the Osbourne family Christmas lights at Hollywood Studios and what better time then while we were already down there. So off we went on a Mommy/daughters day.
Hollywood studios is really more geared towards shows then rides and the few rides they do have are for much older kids. We got to the park around 11 and started off the day by playing in the Honey I shrunk the kids area. We ate lunch and then the the Little Mermaid Voyage show. We met all 3 of our favorite Disney Junior characters

Delainey loved the Disney Junior skit and puppet show. Blakely did too!

 After the Disney Junior show, we ate some ice cream, watched the Beauty & the Beast show, and headed over to the new Frozen forever sing along show.
 The Frozen show was just average. It was a sing along of all the songs from the movie so not worth the wait in my mind. The 2 historians who tell the story of Anna & Elsa however were hilarious!!
 We went and grabbed dinner then waited in the street for the christmas lights to come on at dusk. Might I add with the entire rest of the people at Hollywood Studios that day. It was a madhouse.

 The lights were really pretty and cool to watch move to the music, but it was not worth the 45 minutes it took for me to push through the crowd to get out. Delainey was exhausted by that point too so it was clearly time to go. 
 She couldn't even stay up until we left the park. Both gems slept most of the car ride home which was glorious. 

Sunday we attended church, then went to lunch and out on the boat to enjoy a gorgeous day on the water. D practiced her fishing techniques and I laid there and relaxed! It was a nice afternoon. Later that evening we headed to Gammoe's for family dinner and wrapped up the weekend. Week 2 done. Week 3...Tony comes in town with the boys, 3 christmas parties, D has a school performance, and luminaria in Avondale so it's going to continue to be a busy month! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Only 9 more days till Christmas!! 

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