Monday, December 14, 2015

December to Remember - Week 2 (Part 1)

I am finally finding a minute to lay in bed and update the blog after a crazy past few days. The weekdays were pretty normal with the exception of one important errand I ran, that I will discuss more about later. We had school, Mom 2 Mom, and tutoring. The fun really began on Friday when we headed down to Orlando for our annual Richie Family Disney Christmas Weekend. I call it annual because it is the 2nd year in a row and I have officially declared it a tradition :)

Everyone took a half day from work and we headed out at 1 pm. We checked in to our hotel, freshened up and then headed to the park. We arrived around 5ish the fun began. We watched a little show where Elsa came out and used her magic to light up the castle, did some rides, ate dinner, did some more rides, watched the fireworks, ate some cookies and hot chocolate, watched the parade and called it a night. Here are a million pictures from the night!
Blakely was very excited to go to Disney World!! 

My girls with their ears on
 We have arrived. Step 1 to getting to the park...the tram!

 Watching the Elsa show and her turning the castle into "Ice"

The babies did so great being carried around in the chest packs. We met up with Alicia and Collins and D was so happy! She was being so silly and wouldn't open her eyes! 

 Sweet friends!

Enchanted stories with Belle...Pops was selected to act out the story! LOL

Delainey loves a turkey leg just like her Daddy!
 All the boys posing with their turkey legs!
My favorite boys in the entire world!!! 

 Watching the Parade. It's my favorite part of the entire night!

 Great night at Mickey's Christmas party! McLaughlin's Party of 4! :) 

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