Monday, December 21, 2015

December to Remember - Week 3 (Part 1)

Week 3 of December started out very busy! I had just been relaxing and living the dream thinking all my christmas shopping was done, until Sunday hit and I realized I still had to buy 11 teachers gifts, stuff for the Mom 2 Mom christmas party, and now gifts for the McLaughlin family. I thought we had all agreed no presents since we are taking a big ski trip in 2 months, but apparently I was wrong! So off we went to do some shopping on Monday. We knocked out 3/4 of it and then headed home for lunch and relaxation before our Mom 2 Mom Christmas party for just our small group. We had it at my friend Maria's which was perfect. She has a big swing set and plenty of outdoor space, so the 18+ kids didn't seem to be as big of a deal. We did crafts, ate pizza, and the Moms did a gift exchange of their favorite things. 

Tuesday, Delainey had school and I finished my Christmas shopping and got my hair done one last time for the year! 
Wednesday, we had our entire Mom 2 Mom group Christmas party. Our theme for the table was polar express so everyone was in pajamas. Here is  a picture the whole group (minus Alicia since she had to work). 
 That afternoon we headed over to Grammy's because Tony, Brandi, Walker & Waylon had flown into town. We finally had all 6 cousins under one roof and it was a treat! They actually did really well together. It was fun to watch them interact. We ate dinner there and then called it a night.

Thursday was Delainey's school Christmas party so we did that for majority of the day. We did several crafts, played on the playground, ate pizza and snacks, and got to see Santa Clause. I snuck Blakley in for a picture too. They both loved him!

After  Delainey's party, we surprised Gammoe at her school with an early birthday balloon. The timing worked out great because her class was just starting their christmas party when we walked in. Delainey of course was in heaven; she thought she was one the cool 5th grade kids.

 Thursday night, Delainey had her school Christmas performance. She did awesome! She sang almost all of the songs and looked so precious dressed like an angel. The whole family came to watch!!

 Thats her in the middle in the back row with the big red bow!

 Friday we enjoyed a relaxing morning and some story time at the library. Blakely is getting such a personality and is SO close to crawling. Honestly I think she is more interested in pulling up on things and walking instead of crawling. LOL  I am obsessed with this age. She is so sweet and playful!

Friday night all the grandkids were left between the 3 sets of grandparents and all the adults went out on the town. We had dinner at Ragtime in Atlantic Beach and then hung out at Hoptinger bar for the rest of the night. We had a lovely evening out!

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