Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pre-Thanksgiving Festivities

Last week Delainey had her Thanksgiving program and feast at her preschool. She barely sang, picked her nose as soon as she walked up on stage, and kept telling the boy next to her to shush. So the performance was nothing to write home about... but the food was delicious! Everyone brought in side dishes and the school provided the turkey and we had a regular old Thanksgiving feast. Uncle Babe, Lala, Georgie & Ivy came to support D too which was so nice of them!

Last Tuesday, we had our November supper club and of course the theme was Friendsgiving. Our group of girls has been going through a lot lately and it is so awesome to see everyone pull together as one and help out those in need. I am so glad we started this monthly supper club 3 years ago. I am so thankful to have such great girlfriends whom I look forward to meeting with monthly as a whole group. We were missing lots this month, but the Turkey & conversation was amazing! I'm hosting in December so hopefully we will have the whole group attend and it will be a fun one!

This is really more of a Christmas tradition we do, but I am classifying it under Thanksgiving because it helps us realize all we are blessed with and to be thankful for everything we have. One of the main things I want to instill in my children is to share the things God has blessed us with, especially with the needy. Since Delainey is still too young to volunteer and really get an eye opening experience of what it is like to be poor, we have chosen to do the Angel tree each year. This year Delainey picked out a girl named Julia who was her age and seemed to have similar interests. I made Delainey take some of her own money out of her piggy bank and buy Julia something special that wasn't on her list from her now that she is old enough to understand what it's all about. She like any 3 year old wasn't thrilled to give away her money, but after I talked to her over and over about how some kids aren't lucky enough to get gifts at Christmas or have toys at their house to play with, she started to be more willing. We went and bought all the things on Julia's list and Delainey picked out a Frozen necklace with matching hair clips to buy as her special present from her. She brought her own purse with her money in it, paid the lady, and got her bag and receipt. It was so sweet to watch. I never want to have spoiled children and want to continue doing things to keep them grounded as they grow older and can see/experience more of the real world.
By the way, never cutting D's hair. She looks too old and I like it long a lot better! 

Thanksgiving 2015 has already turned out to be a fantastic one and actual Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived yet. We are all going over to Dave's parents house for dinner and bringing a few dishes each. And by all I mean his family, his sister and new boyfriend Will, my parents, and Jeff/Kel & the kids. Its going to be a fun, Loud one I'm sure! I hope everyone takes some time out of their crazy week to reflect on all they have been blessed with and really enjoy the important things in life...the people you love. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, so try to live each day to the fullest! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I know I have a TON to be thankful for! :)

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