Sunday, November 22, 2015

Disney Cruise Recap - Day 3

Day 3, our last full day on the boat, was a very relaxing/chill day. The weather said there was a 80%  chance of rain all day so we were a little bummed about that. We still decided to head off the boat to play on Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. But first of course, we had to go have breakfast and this morning we did the breakfast buffet, which is Dave's favorite. He would eat at Golden Corral once a week if I let him. Yuck! After breakfast we headed off the ship.
The private island ended up being really nice! The water was gorgeous, they had a cool ropes course in the water as well as some fantastic slides, and some submarines and mickeys submerged under water to go snorkeling around.  They also had a nice area to eat on the island as well as the kids club area that was full of water toys where we could drop Delainey off. 

Dad & Delainey did some slides, Mom & D snorkeled and did the ropes course. She was actually able to breath through the snorkel and look down which was a new feat. Then we dropped D at the kids area and we ate lunch and hung out on a hammock and just relaxed until we picked her up an hour later. We had a good time on the island, and the rain held out for us, but boy was it cold without the sun shining to warm us up!! I would definitely prefer going back there over Nassau though in the future! We took a few family shots on the way back on the boat. :)

We headed back to the boat, showered, and went to watch the movie Inside Out in 3D. After the movie, we dropped D at the kids club and went to play some very intense games of bingo. Sadly, we did not win. I was only 2 numbers away from getting a blackout  in the final round with a $2000 prize, but no cigar. After Bingo we picked up D, went to watch a show and then headed to dinner. We dropped Blakely off in the nursery since we booked 3 hours of babysitting a few months ago and figured why not use it.
We enjoyed Dinner just the 3 of us at the 3rd dining room on the cruise, The Royal Palace. Delainey kept saying it was Cinderella or Belle's castle...or all of the princess's castle. LOL I had fried Brie for my appetizer, French onion soup, Chateaubriand steak (dynamite) and creme brûlée and a grand mariner soufflé for dessert. It was my first time eating soufflé and I'm obsessed! Delainey was picked up by counselors from dinner and brought up to the kids area (part of their Dine & Play idea ever. What kid wants to sit still at dinner for 1 1/2 hours. They eat and then are picked up after 45 minutes with the dine & play deal). Dave and I didn't know what to do with ourselves without kids after dinner, so we headed to the adult only bar to have a drink. 10 minutes later, I got a call saying Blakely was upset. Well of course she was they didn't feed her when I told them to which was an hour ago! Oh well it was almost time for the Farewell party with the characters, so we just took her about 45 minutes before her time was up.

The last party of the cruise was a farewell party and it was a mixture of meet & greets with the characters and some singing and performing. They actually called up some of the kids from kids club to sing with the Dickens christmas carolers, so of course Delainey jumped all over that idea. She didn't rely sing, but it was cool for her to stand up there. She is at the very top in the bottom picture. 

After the farewell party we headed to bed because we knew we had an early morning ahead. We had to get off the boat somewhat quickly since Dave had a surgery at noon that he had to be back for.

The next morning we woke up, threw on some clothes, ate some cereal and fruit in the room and then walked off the boat. It was quick and painless walking through customs. And off we were headed for home by 8:30 am.

We had such a great trip! Delainey LOVED it and kept saying "I'm breaking my heart, I'm breaking my heart." We would ask her why and she said "Because I love this more than Disney world." Haha
She was not a happy camper the trip was over and that we had to get off the boat, but we promised her another cruise one day in the distant future. I'm glad we got to make some special memories that will last a lifetime and just enjoy my little family of 4. #mclaughlinpartyof4  What's our next adventure??? :)

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