Saturday, November 21, 2015

Disney Cruise Recap - Day 2

Day 2 began with an early morning wake up after a rough night of lots of feedings for Blakely. We were up in time though to enjoy the balcony and watch us pull into port in the Bahamas. You can see Atlantis in the picture to the right if you look really close! (Please pardon my appearance. Mom was exhausted and enjoyed 2 cups of coffee at breakfast!) 

We had a lovely breakfast (Eggs favorite) and decided to hit up the pool again while majority of the guests left to go walk around Nassau. We played in the Splash pad area for a while because this was the only place Blakely could go since swim diapers aren't allowed in the pools. The pools were pretty cold so Delainey enjoyed the hot tub and the yellow Mickey slide that was meant for kids. She literally ran back and forth between the two for at least 2 hours. Blakely took a nap in the stroller after the splash pad, so Dave & I enjoyed some Pina Coladas and a movie while catching some rays. We did at one point go to check on D to make sure she was doing good and we couldn't find her. I went into panic mode for about 10 seconds before calming down and knowing she had to be in 1 of 2 places. Of course she was on the slide, but David just couldn't see her up top! 

We of course took a swim break for ice cream cones. It was Blakely's first time tasting ice cream and of course she was obsessed with it!

Delainey rode on the Aquaduck with me and Dad even got some good pictures of us when we went by. I swear teeny little Delainey was on there with me lol. 

Around noon, we headed back to the room to put on clothes and have lunch on the boat before getting off to walk around Nassau. Every single time we walked by these huge portholes, Delainey would have to lay in them.

We got off the boat and headed to the straw market so D could pick out some fun souvenirs from our trip. She chose a Hello Kitty straw purse and the lady even put her name on the back. We also got a key chain and magnet because that is what my girls collect on all trips/vacations we go on! We walked a few more streets and were ready to head back to the boat to relax (take naps) before our show and dinner. No offense to anyone from the Bahamas, but I thought it was nothing exciting and I probably would not have got off the boat if I had to do it again. 
Everyone napped for an hour so we were back in action and ready to party for the big Pirate night ahead of us! We took Delainey to the kids area and headed to the show. It was the Disney Villians show hosted by Haddes from Hercules so we chose to have her skip it so she wasn't up all night with nightmares. After the show we picked her up, ate dinner and then headed to the pool deck for the big pirate party. (My one complaint of the cruise is that all the parties don't start until 10:15 pm. That is late for little kids!) We of course pushed through though.

They did a great show that was themed around Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, but it was Pirates IN the Caribeean....clever! We learned how to be a pirate and all the characters chased Jack Sparrow around the stage as he swung in from up above. (You can see him in one of the photos below). Then the show concluded with fireworks off the side of the boat and than a late night dance party! Delainey did great until about 11 when she hit a wall and Dave had to carry her down kicking and screaming :) Blakely was a champ and slept through ALL of it in the chest pack! Even through Mom's crazy dance moves!

I forgot to take pictures at Dinner, but we were in the Enchanted Garden this night and the atmosphere was cute. Delainey kept saying it was Tiana's restaurant from the Princess & the frog. The food though was the best of all 3 nights! I had a tuna avocado tower for my app, a romaine wedge salad, prime rib and scallops over israeli cous cous for my entrees, and sundae for my dessert! Both of the entrees were amazing!!

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