Thursday, October 29, 2015

Delainey's 1st REAL gymnastics class

This past Monday we tried out our first REAL gymnastics class for Delainey. She has been going to My Gym since she was 6 months old and it has been great! I think it is a great program until your child turns 3 when they are ready to learn real gymnastics skills. There is just way to much singing, free play, down time of talking and playing games for the amount it costs. So we decided to move on and look into real gymnastics centers. The one we tried on Monday was called Starlight and it is a very reputable place. The facilities are really nice and they have competitive gymnastics through all of the levels should Delainey choose to be a professional gymnast ;) 
The Monday class only has 2 kids in it even though 8 kids is considered a full class. In just one day alone Delainey learned so many new things! They worked on stretching (which she has never really done), backbends, handstands, cartwheels, vault, balancing on the beam, and holding herself up on the bars. The other little girl in her class cried through the second half of class so Delainey really got a private lesson!

As a treat for doing good, she got to go in the big gymnastics area and climb the rope and do some jumps in the foam pit. Delainey calls it the olympic area and wants to be in there ASAP.
Overall we loved the class and you can't beat having a class with only 2 kids in. We will be signing her up and let the path to the Olympics begin! HAHA! Too bad she's a giant, but maybe for a few years she will be a stellar gymnast! (Atleast until she is old enough to start playing volleyball)

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