Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

Blakely celebrated her 1st ever Halloween and Delainey was right there to help her enjoy all the festivities. Delainey wanted to be the cinderella from the real life movie so we decided to dress up Blakely to be her mouse Gus Gus. Nothing too fancy just something cute and easy!

We headed over to Aunt Kelli & Uncle Babes house around 5:30, met Collins & Sadie there, ate some pizza, and were off trick or treating by 6:30. 

Most of the people sit out on their driveway now and pass out candy. It's nice because it takes away the concern of some creep opening the door and grabbing your kid or scaring them, but it's not as fun because they only got to knock on 2 doors and say trick or treat.

Delainey actually ran into her friend Callie from school so they ran around and played for a little while. Meanwhile Blakely just hung out in the stroller and watched all that was going on. It was a fun night!

To add on to the whole dressing up Halloween theme, I have a few other pics to share from the day before Halloween. D went to Uncle Babe's work to go trick or treating and got SO much candy and had a blast with them. Uncle Babe even took her to chick-fil-a for lunch! What a gem! :)

Then later that afternoon she had her halloween party at My Gym where she dressed up as Jasmine. 

Mom & Dad even dressed up this year for a halloween party Friday night. Easiest/Best costume ever!! LOL  And of course a precious pic of Blakely Boo! 

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