Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Keys Vacation - Part 2

 Wednesday morning, we woke up at 3:30 am and Delainey was a happy as a clam put on her clothes and out the door we went. We had a good morning until the sun came up and she started to feel sick. She really hadn't eaten any food and the waves from sitting still had started to make her sea sick. She ended up throwing up so I immediately jumped in the ocean and we floated for majority of the day since that is a cure for sea sickness. It was much more difficult getting our limit of lobster this time, but we had all 42 on the boat by 10 am. Dave was a champ and ended up catching majority of them just cause the conditions weren't great...it was deep and a difficult spot.

After we caught our limit, we met up with the other group and a few other boats and just hung out and celebrated a good morning.
We were back to the house at 1 and swam in the pool and cleaned the lobster for a feast that night. 

 Between the 2 boats, we caught 90 lobster that day. Prob my favorite day of the year! (its a close tie with Christmas) There is nothing like lobster legs, tails, and Olio (clams, garlic, red pepper flakes, & noodles)

 Thursday I stayed back with the girls again and tried out a new hamburger joint called Meat that was pretty delish! They ended up catching another 25 lobster so we had a feast again that night.

 Friday, everyone went fishing so the girls and I swam, took naps, & had sushi and wings for dinner at Caps house for our last meal before heading home.
The girls did really well considering we were never following our normal schedule and had to just go with the flow. I drove back Saturday by myself so Dave could stay one extra day and again I couldn't have asked for better behavior. I'm so lucky to have such great travelers. We had a great time playing with all our cousins, but there is no place like home!

I can't believe summer is over and school is about to start up. We had a pretty great summer, but I'm always ready for some fall weather and football!

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