Monday, August 3, 2015

Keys Vacation - Part 1

Our trip to the Keys started out last Friday and lasted till this past Saturday. Our entire family came down for it... Kelli/Jeff/Georgia, Tony/Brandi/Walker/Waylon, Tony's friends Nick & Cassie, Mom/Dad & Ralph all stayed in some condos nearby. Uncle Gary/Steph, Melissa/Kent, Megan & Colby all stayed at Caps house.  
The girls, myself, and my mom headed down for our long 7 hour drive. The girls did really well and our journey included a stop at chick-fil-a and a stop in Miami for lunch with my Aunt Terri & cousin Walter. It was nice having things to do to break up the trip. Saturday, we just hung out at the house because it was rainy and just hung out with family. We snuck in a little fishing, swimming, and a trip to the grocery store. My uncle had caught some fresh tuna 2 days before so we had that for dinner one night and I loved it! (moving up in the world). 

 Sunday we took the kids for a little boat ride (it was short lived since it was so hot) and then had a birthday party for my nephews at Caps house (we call Uncle Gary, Cap  short for captain). Poor Blakely spent half the week naked she was sweating so bad LOL.

 The boys weren't too interested in their cupcakes. I think they didn't want to get dirty LOL
 These gems are in love with each other. So precious together

Monday, I went out on the boat and Grammy stayed back with the girls. We were scouting looking for lobstering spots for Wednesday. It was a gorgeous day. That evening, we had some old friends come over and meet Blakely and hang out. Delainey was obsessed with Nathan and would not get off his lap. It is so cute to see her infatuated with a boy, but it's too soon to like boys! Ahh! This is a pic of Ralph wearing my jean shorts. It's a long story, but so funny so I had to document it! LOL

Homeboys looking tough on the boat. 

 Tuesday, my mom went out the boat and I stayed home with the girls to do a little sightseeing field trip. We stopped at lots of cool touristy places...Worldwide sportsman where we got a new light up fishing pole, Robbie's-where we fed the tarpon, Lazy Days- lunch with pina coloadas, and shell world where she got a few treats and a mermaid toy.

Tuesday night, David flew in and we hit the hay early since we had a 3:30 am wake up time to go lobstering the next morning. 

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