Friday, August 7, 2015

Blakely Ann - 4 Month Update

Height: 26 inches - 95%
Weight: 13 lbs 14 oz - 38%
Head Circumference: 16 1/2 inches - 50%
Vision: You are noticing things really far away and you're tracking so well. You love laying on your play mat and grabbing at all the toys.
Movement: Dr. Mary said you are so curious about everything that is going on. You are reaching and grabbing everything. You can hold your bottle now. You still haven't rolled over all the way, but I swear it could be any day now if you could just figure out how to move your arm from underneath you. You are starting to put everything you get your hands on in your mouth. Time to be careful which toys Delainey leaves around you.
Eating Habits/New Foods: Not much has changed in the feeding department. You are still doing 3 ounces every 3 hours. At night I am really only getting about a 4-5 hour long stretch so Mama is definitely more tired without a 6 hour stretch. Dr. Mary said no crying it out till you are 6 months and at least 15 lbs. Your little tummy can hold enough to make you go that long at night. I'm starting to eat and pump more so hopefully I'll start making more milk and you will start going longer in between feedings. No food till 6 months!
Sleeping Patterns: You wake up between 8-9 am. You play for a while and then nap around 10 for 1-2 hours. Then you take another long afternoon nap around 2-3 pm for about 1-2 hours and then will do little catnaps in between. Bedtime is at 8 and you wake around 10-11 for your last feeding of the night and usually we play for a little while since Dad hasn't seen you all day. Your large sleep sack is great, but once you roll over, the sleep sack is gone. You are sleeping great in your crib. All naps and night time is in the crib unless we are on the go and you sleep in your carseat.
Sounds/Words: No new sounds or words, just tons of smiles! You also laughed for the first time. It is so cute and has a little shriek when you laugh. I have started doing the milk sign with you and you obviously can't do it, but you definitely recognize it when I do the sign for you.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You did an awesome job riding 7 hours in a car to the keys
-You met your cousins Walker & Waylon for the 1st time
-You had your first laugh
-You can sit in your bouncer now and touch with your feet
-You are now able to sit in the bumbo
-You celebrated your 1st 4th of July. It was a crazy hectic day with lots of people over at Grammy's during the day, but we ended with a nice evening watching fireworks with just the fam.
-You went through a little separation anxiety phase with people you usually aren't around. You would be ok one minute then be held by someone new and you would cry hysterically.
Places you went/Adventures: You went to the Keys for your first lobster season, you celebrated your first 4th of July holiday, you spent a night in Amelia Island at the Ritz Carlton, you enjoyed the beach and the sand in your toes,  you had lots of babysitting adventures while mom was out at engagement parties, supper clubs, and dinners out.
Clothes: Where did my baby go?!? your clothes are either 3 or 6 months, and 6 month sleepers and some onesies. Tall like your big sister...1/4 inch shorter! You have just moved up to size 3 diapers. You are a little chunkier than Delainey 8 ounces to be exact! :)
Sister updates: Big Sister is loving that you are more interactive these days. She loves to sit over you and play sounds way worse than it is. You actually love it and laugh. You are tougher so I am not as controlling about her touching you. She loves playing with you in the morning when you first wake up. Sleeping in the crib has been very helpful so she doesn't wake you and D and I have some one on one time. You guys are definitely best friends!
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