Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last weeks of summer

We have been staying busy trying to enjoy the last 2 weeks of summer before D starts school. Next week we are planning on getting back on a routine so truly this week is our last week of relaxation. We started out by doing family movie night on Friday with a pizza dinner and the movie Home. Then Saturday we did some shopping and then left the kids with Gammoe for date night. We try to do a date night once a month, but have slacked the past 2 months so we jumped at some alone time. We went to Hawkers for dinner then had some drinks at the rooftop bar at Blacksheep. It was relish!
 Blakely is growing up so fast! This maniac is pushing up on everything with her feet. She almost pushed herself right out of her bouncer. Blakely is much more interactive and is becoming obsessed with her big sister. They talk and laugh with each other all the time. Delainey is an awesome big sister!

 Monday we woke up and the weather was great so I said why not take a trip to the zoo! It was Blakely's first time and she did great. She is still a little too young to notice the animals, but she was happy to be pushed around in a stroller all day. Delainey loved the splash park and of course made friends with 3 other girls and ran around holding hands with them...she never meets a stranger!

 The tiger was so close I literally could have pet it if I wanted to stick my hand through the fence. There was no one at the zoo, it was so nice I just let Delainey run free.

 Yesterday we went to the pool with Maria and her kids from Mom 2 mom and today we did some shopping at the town center. Tomorrow we are going to meet up with another friend from M2M at Chick-fil-a to do some catching up before it starts in 3 weeks. I hope everyone is enjoying their week.

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