Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July Weekend

We had a lovely 3 day weekend celebrating America's Independence day spent boating, swimming, celebrating birthdays, and watching some USA soccer. Have I ever told you guys I am obsessed with matching the girls clothes? well if not, now you know! I wish I could dress them the same everyday of their lives. We like to call it twinning. We started of weekend by going out on the boat to Ft. George Island to enjoy the sandbar & some sun. We met my friend Erica out there as well as Dave's coworker Joe and a few other boats. Joe had his 2 girls and their 2 friends, so Delainey was in heaven playing with all the older girls. We left Blakely home with Grammy since we knew it would be a LONG day in the sun. The weather was perfect and we had a glorious afternoon. 

Saturday, we had a party at Grammy & Pops house to enjoy the pool, cookout, and do some outdoor games. It started out just fine, the kids were playing well and everyone was having a good time. Then it rained and we had way too many kids stuck under the patio with nothing to do. We had 9 kids running around from 5 different families. The rain came and went for the first few hours, but around  4ish the rain subsided and we were back to having a good time.

 We had a nice little firework display put on by Daddy and then headed home to hit the hay since we were exhausted from all the activities.

Today we celebrated Pops 58th birthday with church, swimming, and grilling steaks for dinner. All 3 girls sported the same dresses that my Aunt Adria gave to us. They looked so precious together.  After dinner we watched the USA girls soccer team win the world cup.

 Happy birthday to the best Pops around. Thanks for all you do and for loving your granddaughters like you love your own daughters. :) You are the best!!

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