Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cashiers Vacation Recap

We started off our 5 day adventure to Cashiers with a flight out of Orlando while Delainey rode in the car with Gammoe, Paige & Collier (D's 16 yr old cousins she is obsessed with). Blakely did awesome on the flight. She slept the first half, sat and hung out for a little while and then nursed on the way down since she started to fuss a little from the pressure on her ears. We had about a 2 hour drive to Cashiers from Asheville in the rain, but we finally made it around 10 that night.  
The next morning we hung out at the house and caught  up with family before heading into town to do some grocery shopping. It was a pretty rainy day so we just laid low and enjoyed the view of the mountains. The weather was chilly too with a high in the lower 70s. Delainey was greeted by Aunt Linda, Uncle Mel, and Aunt Mary Beth with a bag full of toys so she was in heaven! She had a blow up gecko, crayons (the coolest crayons ever made out of wooden sticks), books, her own frozen plate, cup, and utensils, step stool, toothbrush... They really thought of everything she could possibly want/need. We had a nice dinner at the house and hit the hay early since we were going to church in the morning.

Sunday morning, we went to church at an old methodist church. It was the pastors last Sunday and he requested that a bluegrass band play the music that day. They were really good, but I could have sworn we had transported back to the 1920s in the prohibition days lol. I snapped a few good pictures of the McLaughlin cousins and a good one with Gammoe and all her granddaughters.

After lunch, we headed down to the lake to ride on a pontoon boat and explore the lake. They had some awesome waterfalls we got to go swim near. It was pretty cold though so only D, Gammoe & I got in. We also got to feed some ducks and just cruise around the lake for a few hours. I think that was my favorite adventure of the trip.

After the lake, we headed back to the Trillium Country Club pool where D got to swim and play with her gecko. Monday we relaxed by the pool as well and then headed up to the Landing restaurant at the country club to have dinner and play bingo.
The restaurant has a great view of the lake and the girls snapped some good pictures with Delainey. They even taught her the peace sign. I swear she grew up 3-4 years just by hanging out with the older girls. She acts much more mature now. Someone mentioned they had bingo every Monday night so I jumped at the chance to play, promising that I would win if we did.

Sure enough I bought myself a ticket and Delainey one. Delainey won the very first round and won $6. We played several more rounds until the final round which was the blackout round. And yours truly won the blackout winning $120! I couldn't believe I actually won! So lucky!! As you can tell from the pictures it was some very intense rounds of bingo! :)

Tuesday we slept in and then went out to lunch at the Slab Town Pizza which was such a cute little restaurant and the food was delicious! We hit up the jelly store and then headed home before the rain got us. That evening we all snuggled in bed and watched the semi-finals of the Women's world cup after dinner.

The next morning we woke up early and headed back to Asheville to fly home. I got there in plenty of time so I was not stressed in case if it took D 15 minutes to go through security. She had a great time asking questions on what everything was and running around the airport. Having plenty of time is the key with traveling with 2 solo. D watched a movie on the plane and B was a gem again and slept. Delainey was a little hesitant about the turbulence on the plane, but I played it off like it was fun despite my fears that we were going to die! LOL I will not put my phobias onto my children!!

We were very happy to be back to see Daddy whom we missed so much, but we had a great trip with his side of the family! We were spoiled and loved on and the girls had a great time. Thanks again Aunt Linda, Uncle Mel, and Mary Beth for having us and taking such good care of us. We can't wait to come back up next year!

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