Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Weekend Getaway with Gram & Pops

This past weekend Pops had a convention in Orlando for 4 days. Even though we had just been down there 2 weeks ago, we jumped at the chance to go back and have a nice relaxing weekend by the pool. It definitely didn't hurt either that Pops was staying at the Loew's Royal Pacific which is a really nice hotel! 
On Friday around noon,  Grammy, myself, & the girls headed down to meet up with Pops. We checked in and immediately went to the pool. Delainey instantly made a friend named Brooklyn and they were off having a blast swimming together. (Lucky for us Brooklyn was there for 6 days so she played with her the entire weekend!) After she swam for a few hours, we walked around the hotel scoping out all the cool amenities. Of course we had to test out the whirlpool in the locker room and take a few extra shampoos and conditioners:) That night we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant and then headed home to sleep. 

The next morning Delainey woke up bright and early and the 1st words out of her mouth were she wanted to go to the pool. So we ate breakfast and headed to the pool for a long day of swimming ahead. We swam at our pool for about 4 hours then we took a ferry ride over to the Hard Rock hotel which is a sister hotel. (The ferry also takes you to Citywalk, which is very convenient and fast!) We played at the hard rock for a while and Delainey went on the huge water slide a few times then we headed home to get ready for dinner.

 We headed to Downtown Disney that evening to walk around and eat dinner. We watched a Dance school perform several dances (of course Delainey loved the hip hop the most), we made & raced cars at the lego store, we touched the dinosaurs at T-Rex restaurant (it moved as soon as she touched it and was terrified!), and we ate dinner at some food trucks.

 The next morning Pops took Delainey swimming again for a few hours while we packed up to check out and I got to squeeze in a workout at the gym (I worked out both days and it was heaven!). We headed home and stopped half way through the trip to eat a BBQ lunch. We unpacked, played with some toys, and then sat down to watch some TV and relax. The picture below is what happened about 2 minutes after sitting down! We had such a fun relaxing weekend but the girls were exhausted from it! Blakely was her usual awesome self...slept great, laid by the pool in her stroller, and just went with the flow. Delainey thought staying at a hotel was the greatest thing ever...who needs a theme park when you have a nice hotel and pool! Thanks Gram & Pops for the fun weekend!

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