Tuesday, May 12, 2015

3 Year Old Update - Delainey Marie

Height: 40 inches - 97%
Weight: 33 pounds - 75%
Head Circumference:  Apparently they no longer measure this!
Movement: We are working on some coordination skills these days like jumping jacks and hopscotch. You are a climbing monkey, you run very fast, and can do forward rolls and hang on the bars like a champ. You are also a pretty good swimmer, I think over the next few weeks with some practice I will feel 100% confident letting you swim by yourself. You are 100% a right-handed girl!
Eating Habits/New Foods: Your meals consists of: Breakfast: pancakes, sausage,  yogurt with granola, cereal, fruit,  Lunch: cheese, smoothies, applesauce, fruit or veggies, salami, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, noodles w/ butter, PB & J. Dinner: whatever we are eating for dinner. You have a great palate and eat most things. You don't love spicy foods though. You particularly love steak, noodles, mac n cheese, corn, broccoli, caesar salad, avocado, Snacks: you love pretzels, graham crackers, goldfish, raisins, fruit snacks, snack mix, crackers, and gummies. Your favorite drink is juice...any kind, but we try to limit that and give you whole milk or water instead. You don't drink much milk, but I think we make up for it with all the cheese and yogurt.
Sleeping Patterns: As of recently we have given up naps and bedtime is fantastic again! You wake up between 7:30 & 8 am and we start our bedtime routine around 7ish. We take a bath, go potty, brush teeth, put on PJs, read 1-2 stories, say prayers, and then go to sleep. It is usually around 8 by the time we go to sleep. You sleep through the night for the most part, unless you have a bad dream which happens maybe once a week. You ask us to lay with you and then will fall back asleep after about 15-30 minutes. Since there are no naps, you do a quiet time in your room where you read books and play with your toys so mom can have some free time.
Sounds/Words: You can repeat any word, so this category should now be more about memory and what you are learning. You can pick out all the colors of the rainbow and identify your normal shapes. You are learning lots of scientific things such as how the body works and outer space. (it's very useful having 2 grandmas who are science teachers). You can count to 20, sing the words to plenty of songs, and learning new big words from your Fancy Nancy books as well as others. The one thing you say that is funny, but we aren't changing in "could be's" instead of the word because...it's so cute! You also are amazing at rhyming when we give you a word and lately you have been picking out words that start with the same letter.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You have a new best friend AKA your baby sister, Blakely Ann, born on March 28th, 2015.
-You love being a big sister and constantly giving her kisses and touching her. You are helpful with the paci and run to help her whenever she cries
- You are now potty trained 100% during the day and even at night
-You can dress yourself, put on socks & shoes, brush your own teeth, and go to the bathroom all by yourself.
-You went to preschool and learned tons of great things and matured so much over the past year
-You went to Mickey's Halloween party & the Christmas party with the whole family
-You went to Beech Mountain and tried sledding and ice skating for the 1st time
-You got tons of great Christmas presents including a bounce house and a handmade dress up box full of princess dresses.
-You had your 1st dentist appointment and did fantastic!
-You moved up to the older class at My Gym and go by yourself now.
New Friends I've made: You pretty much have continued playing with the same kids. Georgia & Collins are your best friends and Ella Kay is your favorite at preschool.
Places you went/Adventures: You went to Mickey's christmas party with the whole family, you loved all the Christmas activities of the live nativity, christmas eve, meeting your twin cousins for the 1st time, getting presents from Santa, leaving milk & cookies out for him, Dash the elf on the shelf. You went to Beech mountain and sledded & ice skated for the 1st time. You celebrated valentine's day and exchanged valentines at school, you sing on stage at chapel every month. You had lots of mommy/daughter dates before Blakely was born. You met your new baby sister. You went to disney on ice and the circus. You went to Seaworld to celebrate your 3rd birthday!
Things you love:  Dress up, playing with your princess barbies and dolls, puzzles, playing Dr, going to the park or playing at chick-fil-a and making friends wherever you go, going to school, going to the big gymnastics place, and swimming which you do several days a week.
Clothes: You are in 4T sleepers. You do 3T clothes with the exception of shorts we still do 2T. I;m doing some 4T shirts because I like them long on you. We are doing lots of stretch leggings this summer, bc you don't like things thats are "too tight." You also do 2T two piece bathing suits, but have to do 3T if it is a one piece bc you are so tall. These are your current sizes: Gymboree-3T, Target- 3T, Carter-3T , Old Navy/Gap- 3T. Size 10 shoe.

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