Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Delainey's last day of preschool & Memorial day weekend

Delainey officially completed her first year of school and it was a great one! The amount she has learned over the past year is insane...colors, shapes, numbers, songs, and most importantly the social aspect. When D started school, she could not sit still for more than 2 seconds, couldn't share, couldn't keep her shoes on, and was used to all of the attention. Now she keeps her shoes on (that was a rough one to overcome; especially for her teachers), she shares for the most part or at least knows what is right, sits for 20 minutes to eat lunch, loves to listen to stories or sing songs, and can follow directions now. 
All of the students got achievement awards and of course Delainey was awarded the "social butterfly" award. I laughed out loud when they called her name. She definitely is a social lady who makes friends EVERYWHERE we go and loves to share her opinion on pretty much anything. Onward we move to a new school next year...one with a carpool line, 3 days a week VPK program, and a lot more parent involvement. 

 I was shocked when I compared her 1st day to her last day of school. She is such a grown lady now!

 We kicked off summer with a day at the pool on Friday, a Mommy/Daddy night out on the town on Saturday, and a beach day on Sunday. It was an absolute madhouse at the beach on Sunday since it was Memorial day weekend. I will never try to do the beach again on a holiday weekend! Monday we laid low and just enjoyed some quiet time. Here are some pics from the weekend!

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