Friday, February 28, 2014

Week full of playdates!

With all of our traveling, we have missed our friends so we took full advantage this week and played as much as we could. On Tuesday, we went down to St. Augustine with Alicia & Collins to take a trolley tour through St. Augustine and have a picnic by the fort. The girls loved the choo choo trolley for about 20 minutes - 30 minutes of a 1 hour tour. So we decided to hop off half way through and go play by the fort. The trolley was very informative and I learned a lot of stuff about St. Augustine that I had no idea about.

We stopped and ate lunch and let the girls run wild. The weather was perfect.

Then we headed to get popsicles on St. George Street and then hopped back on the trolley for the last half of the trip. We had an awesome day!

Thursday we headed to the zoo with our friends Audrey & Braelyn. Of course Delainey loved as much as always, but it was nice to have another zoo enthusiast to play with. Braelyn ran around like a wild woman with Delainey the whole time.
Last night we had our girls supper club which was great to get together with all the girls since I haven't seen them since Jessica's wedding and today we are watching Collins for a little bit while Alicia is at the doctors. What a fun week for Delainey!

I'd like to leave you with a picture of the sunset from last night. It was AH-MAZING!

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