Saturday, February 22, 2014

Walter's wedding recap

So we came home from Jessica's wedding on Monday, and were off to West Palm on Thursday for my cousin Walter's wedding. Thursday night was the rehearsal dinner. Kids were not allowed at the dinner so we dropped off Mom & Dad and went shopping & to Chuck E Cheese for the night to kill time. Delainey loved Chuck e cheese!! She is obsessed with cartoon characters these days and chased around the mouse trying to give him a hug majority of the night.

Friday, we headed to the beach to enjoy some fun in the sun! Delainey still loves the sand just as much before. She was rolling all in it!
 After the beach we headed back to the hotel for naps & showers to get ready for Walter's wedding. We dropped Delainey off at some friends house for the night and headed to the wedding which was held at the Breakers. Talk about gorgeous! The building was built in 1890 so it was very ornate. The ceremony was held outside over looking the ocean and then the reception was held in the circle room which was insane!

The roof in the main lobby!
 The decor was so nice and the band was probably the best band I have ever heard! Everything was fantastic.

 Here are some pics of my cousin Michael, my Auntie Joyce, & Aunt Terri.

 Today we went to the Yacht Club for a farewell brunch and got to show off Delainey to all of my family. I definitely thought she was going to dive in the water a few times, but we made it out alive and headed back to Jax today. It was a great time vacationing, but I am so glad to be sitting on my own couch, hanging with Dave while Delainey sleeps in her own bed. There's no place like home...

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